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Have you seen our new website?

We have just launched our new Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions website. The site is the new home for VisionVPM and RxWorks Veterinary Software.

Visit the site.


Save five clicks per stock item

Up until a few years ago you had to use the “Drugs Tab” when dispending drugs / food etc. as part of a clinical visit. This was to ensure that these items displayed as part of the clinical record.
This necessitated a lot of mouse clicks or key strokes to enter these items.
Quite some time back we introduced the ability to turn off the “Drugs Tab” and go straight to the invoice screen and still be able to view dispensed drugs as part of the clinical record.
This saved approximately 5 ‘clicks’ per stock item.



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New Rapport Website case study 'Your clients are online - are you?'

The biggest challenge facing business owners is how to gain new clients and better support existing customers. Many small businesses, such as veterinary practices, traditionally rely on word of mouth and low-key local advertising, but every clinic needs to be able to reach customers where they are spending their time. And these days, it is online.


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VetSoftware practice manager using SMS reminders

VisionVPM is integrated with Sparkline Scorecard!

To improve and grow your business you MUST measure the major influencers on its performance. Tracking over 40 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a monthly basis, the Sparkline Scorecard monitors processes and activities to boost revenue and profits.

With 500+ customers in eight countries in their first year of business, its safe to say Sparkline Scorecard is a revolutionary tool.


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VetSoftware practice manager using SMS reminders

Does your veterinary practice have a website?

Does your website send the right message to potential clients and create a positive first impression?

If you have a business, you should have a website – it’s really that simple! 

A professional and easy-to-use website is a business essential in today’s digital age – and is often more important than your shop front. If you’re not convinced, consider that:

  • 81% of consumers conduct research online before making a decision on a product or service
  • 60% of consumers don’t trust a business that doesn’t have a website
  • 50% of consumers are more likely to choose a business based on their web presence


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VetSoftware practice manager using SMS reminders

VisionVPM is now integrated with Smart Flow Sheet!

Smart Flow Sheet is a cloud-based Veterinary software module revolutionising the way veterinarians care about their in-hospital patients. It was developed and tested in real practices around the world, with real Veterinarians and Technicians. It has many features that will change the way you work in practice.




VetSoftware practice manager using SMS reminders

Merry Christmas from the team!

The team would like to thank you for your support over the past year and we look forward to continuing to help you grow your business in 2016!

However you choose to celebrate at this time of year, we wish you happiness, safety and prosperity and a great start to 2016.  

Christmas Operating Hours 

The main offices will be closed from the 24th December 2015 until after the 8th of January 2016. Support will remain available to you with minimal staff manning the Service Desk during the closure period. Due to the low staff numbers we ask that if your call is not urgent, please hold off contacting support until after the 11th January so we can be sure to be available to attend to any genuine customer emergencies that may arise. 

The Service Desk will be closed on the statutory public holidays for Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.



VetSoftware practice manager using SMS reminders

Free Brisbane Seminar: Five Ways To Increase Practice Profitability Right Now!

This free veterinary seminar is being held on the 26th of November in conjunction with Crampton Consulting and Provet. Attendees will earn 2 CPD points for attendance and leave with five take-home actions to immediately improve your practice profitability.



VetSoftware practice manager using SMS reminders

8 Tips To Improve Your Practices SMS Reminders & Marketing

Reminders are the lifeblood of most veterinary practices and with the average smartphone user using their phone 221 times a day, it is vital that your practice is not only using this method but utilising it effectively. However, not all practices know how to use the SMS reminder functionality in their veterinary practice management software successfully.

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Veterinary Software practice manager using facebook

Using Social Media To Communicate With Your Clients

Social media can be a very valuable tool if you have an audience to communicate with. In order to gain the marketing and promotional benefits, you need to carefully engage and build a relationship with your audience. Here are some helpful tips to boost engagement and increase your audience for your practices social media platforms.

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VisionVPM Veterinary Software Update Coming Soon

VisionVPM Veterinary Practice Management Software 350 Release Coming Soon!

Updated features include:

  • Cenvet two-way integration* 
  • Discounts in formulated stock items
  • Links to external diagnostic images
  • General ledger account allocation
  • Ordering by general ledger code

* Integration fee applies


Have you updated from windows xp

Have You Updated From Windows 2003 & XP?

Microsoft ceased support for Windows XP in April last year and on the 14th of July 2015 they did the same for Windows Server 2003. 

If you are running either of these operating systems, you need to take action to migrate to a new operating system. Continuing to use Windows XP or Server 2003 could mean exposing your patient data, financial records, and network stability to detrimental risks.

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Cat looking through hole in paper

5 Tips To Maximise Your Veterinary Marketing

Marketing plays an essential role in the running of a modern day veterinary practice. Practice management software products such as VisionVPM have many tools which can help you to promote your practice however there are other factors to consider when running a marketing campaign.

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