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We pride ourselves on our customer service through all aspects of the sale and installation of all our Veterinary Software and Hardware Solutions.


South Wairarapa Veterinary Services

We have recently implemented the Rapport Online Scheduler and have found the implementation team amazing. We are now sending out automatic reminders and are finding that clients have jumped on board and are now making appointments online with us. The uptake is amazing which is helping to free up our reception staff for them to be able to concentrate on front of house.

Having a support line with knowledgeable staff is fantastic. Having them log in to see the issue first hand is great and they can usually answer the query quickly. If not, they get back with a fix or a solution very quickly.

If we have requests for changes within the program from our various branches we talk to the Vision team requesting a change.  The team is very helpful with listening to our requests, and updates are often quickly processed into the most recent build. Our staff enjoy the opportunity to contribute and feedback into our practice management software.

Another thing we like is that the upgrade functionality is easy to manage internally without the need for external IT involvement.  It is up to us when we are ready to put the upgrade on.

The recent development and launch of Vision Health Manager (VHM) has been a real boon for the company, taking planned animal health to a new level and providing a complete planning package.


Adrian Evans

Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service

My practice has been using VisionVPM for 6 years now. Initially, we chose the system for it's cost competitiveness and flexibility.  I have never had cause to regret that decision. The system is very intuitive, and all new staff are competent with its use within a very short time. It provides the practice with a solid, reliable piece of software, that also has a number of useful (and very cool!) bells and whistles that facilitate improved practice function and efficiency; improved client education and improved management and monitoring.

We use the Lab downloader module, which automatically inputs lab results into the patient file. This has saved considerable time for the vets on administrative data entry. We also use the appointment scheduler module which has revolutionised our handling of booking. I thoroughly recommend both of these modules.

The general level of support is very good - the staff are invariably courteous and helpful.  They assist with both administrative functions (How do I fix the banking or run this query?), and also crafting creative solutions to practice specific issues.

I very much enjoy the updates, and like that any VisionVPM user can request a change in the program (it gets assessed and put on a wish list).  The responsiveness of the software developers is great, and that also helps ensure that VisionVPM is a dynamic and continually improving practice tool.

Deborah Monks

Kenwick Veterinary Practice

We had been using Viva software for several years and were happy with the program.  There came a point where we felt that we had "out-grown" Viva and wanted more in a software package.  We needed to be able to streamline how we managed our practice and improve our time management yet improve our client communications.

After conversations with Kaye Hannan we decided to explore Vision.  We soon discovered that Vision provided us with features we were looking for.  The ability to be able to SMS reminders for appointments, vaccinations, worming, flea treatments and so much more was a major drawcard for us.  Also the ability to send clinical notes with lab results and X-rays to specialists, or to insurance companies, with basically just a click of a button was a huge bonus.

Our transition from Viva to Vision was flawless.  All the groundwork is done behind the scenes with no disruption to the hospital. 

Tracy then came in to train all the staff for 3 days.  A roster was set, by Vision and ourselves, to ensure that everyone was available for different aspects of the training which was suited to their roles within the hospital.  The training was hands on with Tracy watching to ensure we all understood different aspects of the program. Then came the day we went "live".  The feeling in  the hospital was borderline panic.  Everyone was so nervous. Well, it was a breeze, much to our delight. Tracy stayed on for a few days to assist with any questions which we had and also to make sure that the program was running as it was supposed to.

We have now been using Vision for several months and we are still discovering new features within the program (which we probably forgot that Tracy taught us).  All our staff have been fantastic with the transition and are so pleased with the many features which make the day to day jobs more efficient, yet simple. 

Mandy - Practice Manager

Latrobe Veterinary Group

We have had Vision VPM in the practice since about 2004 - it has grown with us. Whenever we start thinking "we wish we could...." it tends to appear in the next update (assuming we actually install them on time). It does everything we need, and probably still has a lot of capacity we haven't really used. The client communications options (direct sms, email etc) work well, the analysis groups & search functions are extensive. The integrated accounting software solves the financial "black hole" in the middle of the practice issue. It is comprehensive, stable & easy to get on with.

Support pricing is very reasonable, and I've never struck an issue with lack of support - all the staff have been very helpful, though Brad's experience stands out. Great all round package.

Kate Haines – Practice Owner/Principal of Latrobe Veterinary Group

Gunnedah Animal Health Centre

In the first two months after I installed the VisionVPM software in my new veterinary clinic in Gunnedah NSW, life was just one big learning curve. With the myriad of tasks to undertake with my new venture, (let alone tending to the animal needs of my new clientele), the team at Provet Animal Health Practice Solutions were a constant. Over the last three years, my needs have been less as things have become more routine, yet the support team are still there when needed - very responsive and understanding.

VisionVPM has been all that I expected in veterinary management software and more. I am one happy customer.

Ann Luke - Practice Owner, and Veterinarian

Selwyn Veterinary Centre

We opened a brand new veterinary clinic in August 2013 utilising VisionVPM as our practice software.

It is always a steep learning curve with new software but the training and support from the kind people at the VisionVPM help desk has been invaluable. Our queries, however complex or straightforward, have been dealt with in a friendly, helpful and informative manner.

We are very grateful for the ongoing support and encouragement.

Nick Howell - Practice Owner, and Veterinarian


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