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Veterinary Client Communication Solutions

Today’s pet owners are savvier than ever. Providing great care isn’t enough to improve compliance and increase patient visits. Effectively marketing your veterinary hospital and establishing rapport with your clients is vital.

The Rapport suite of client communications tools can help you achieve your goals – increasing staff efficiency, effectively marketing and growing your practice, and bringing more pet owners through your door while developing lasting relationships with clients.

Rapport is the only client communication tool that works seamlessly with VisionVPM. Client interactions automatically update VisionVPM, enabling real-time engagement with less effort from staff members.


Why does your practice need Rapport?





Rapport Websites

Your online impression is crucial. Rapport websites give your clinic a great first impression and offer numerous tools to keep clients coming back.

Rapport’s website designs are modern, professional, customizable, and responsive, meaning they look great on any device, whether computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They also boost compliance and loyalty with an online pet health library, client education articles and the built-in Pet Health Checker tool to help pet owners understand symptoms and seek veterinary care.


Rapport websites also help you:

  • Book more appointments with online form submissions and the ability to include online scheduling (with the scheduling module). Pet owners can easily convert from website visitor to new client.
  • Drive social media engagement when your website is connected to social media for one-click access, making it easy for pet owners to follow and connect with you more frequently.
  • Offer self-serve convenience through Rapport’s Patient Portals, where clients can look up pet health information, print vaccination certificates, schedule appointments (with the scheduling module), manage their reminder preferences, upload photos of their pets, and much more.

Integrating these tools helps ensure that you’re providing owners with the information they need to care for their pet while establishing your practice as their go-to resource.

- Available for any practice management software.




Rapport Messaging

Appointment no-shows and cancellations can negatively impact your practice revenue and cause inefficiencies in office staffing and overall operational performance. Rapport allows you to set up automated reminders via email, and text, depending on your client's preferences. Clients can respond to you in the way that is most convenient to them, and their responses automatically update VisionVPM.

Rapport’s automated messaging helps:

  • Free up staff time with automated appointment reminders tailored to your client’s preferred method of contact. When clients respond, your practice management software is automatically updated.
  • Reduce no shows by 50% by allowing pet owners to easily confirm their appointment time, automatically syncing the appointment into your appointment calendar.
  • Increase compliance and boost your client relationships with easy-to-use templates that are personalized for pet owners and their pets.


For even better results, combine our text, and email with Rapport’s high-quality postcard reminders for an effective multi-media approach. Automated postcards are easy to send through Rapport, yet when combined with automated text and email reminders, can double compliance.

Reach your clients via the methods they prefer:

  • Easily send automated appointment reminders via email, text message and direct mail.
  • Set up automated “Welcome” messages and “Thank You” messages with satisfaction surveys (with the scheduling module) and social media shortcuts.
  • Send messages to individual clients, right from your software or the Rapport mobile application.
  • Take advantage of Rapport’s automated marketing campaigns.
  • Set up birthday messages, health care and medication reminders, and other seasonal or educational messages to keep clients informed.
  • Measure results with compliance reports and campaign analytics.

- Integrates with VisionVPM practice management software




Rapport Scheduling

Scheduling appointments takes about 3 to 5 minutes per appointment. Multiply that by the number of appointments you schedule each day, and this “quick task” morphs into a time-consuming project for front office staff.

Now you have the ability to schedule more appointments, without answering the phone, even after hours. With Rapport’s online scheduling, you set up the time slots you have available for client appointments, and clients select the appointment time that best suits their schedule.

Rapport records the appointments in your appointment calendar, notifies you of activity, and automatically sends text or email confirmations to your clients.


With your busy schedule, wouldn’t it be great to schedule appointments or send messages to clients anytime, from anywhere? Rapport’s mobile app brings the conveniences of Rapport right to your smartphone.


Your staff spends less time responding to phone calls, voicemails and e-mails from clients looking to book or change their appointments, and more time focusing on the clients in front of them.

View your appointment calendar, look up client information, schedule appointments, and even send messages to one or all of your clients. (This is particularly useful to cancel and reschedule a day’s worth of appointments all at once, due to emergency closings.)


While nearly 90% of potential clients will research your practice website before scheduling their first appointment, over half of them will also be looking at your clinic’s online reviews and ratings. Rapport’s reputation management tools allow you to send automated client satisfaction surveys, get immediate feedback, and display client testimonials on your website.

- Integrates with VisionVPM practice management software