Herd Health Solutions

Vision Health Manager

Vision Health Manager is designed to help your Veterinary clinic manage all aspects of planned farm animal health.


Vision Health Manager offers easily customised activity templates based on key dates, to assist with quickly building a calendar of activities related to animal health and tailoring to individual farm requirements in conjunction with the farm owner or manager.


With Vision Health Manager you can:

  • Identify all potential health activities on each farm's calendar and be involved in these by sending reminders or proactive phone calls prior to events.
  • Capture all potential revenue opportunities.
  • Quickly identify what activities have or have not been confirmed and identify who needs to be called.



“Vision Health Manger is a very important and useful tool now for the dairy clients because of the dairy downturn.  The farmers and their advisors can see all consults and services as well as products and are able to create a budget for the year.  Once the budget is approved - VHM pretty much locks in the work for the clinic”.

- Adrian Evans, South Wairarapa Veterinary Services, New Zealand