Veterinary Software Training

We offer in-clinic and online training for VisionVPM veterinary practice management software, supported by our team "best in the class" technical support representatives. 


What can VisionVPM veterinary software training do for you?

  • Enable you to ‘hit the ground running’ with your new software, rather than working everything out for yourself.
  • Give you confidence in what you are doing, having tried it in a training environment.
  • Minimise downtime after you ‘go live’.
  • Help you to define common standards for your clinic.
  • Enable better database output by assisting with standardisation of data entry.
  • Boost staff morale – you have invested in them.
  • Learn tips and tricks from those with experience in the program – save yourself time and effort
  • Enable your staff to support each other
  • Reduce your need for support calls


Our training options include:

  • Onsite training
  • Virtual training
  • Phone training
  • Training tutorials


With the purchase of a support and maintenance program clinics have premium access to online portal.


The premium online portal contains:

  • User groups
  • Newsletters
  • Tip of the week
  • Seminars and webinars
  • e-Learning


Software Training Testimonials

"I really enjoyed the training we received from the Provet AHPS team.  It was well presented and thought out and gave me exactly what I needed.  I am quite surprised how much I absorbed from the teaching session and how much more confident I am to explore all the features in VisionVPM.

I really benefitted from having someone with me in person to go over both the things in the manuals and also little things that aren't covered in the manuals.  Our whole team were able to ask all sorts of questions and get good answers.  From a productivity point of view, it was money well spent."

Steve Gilmore - Vets on Waiheke


"I recently had a trainer from VisionVPM come to our three clinic practice over a two-day period as we were fairly new to the system.  It took a bit to organise staff to be at a certain place at a certain time, but it was well worth the effort.  Questions were answered on the spot with "hands-on" directions, giving staff more confidence and understanding.

I highly recommend getting a trainer on-site should you be new to VisionVPM or even as a refresher from time to time.  Training is a good investment for your practice as well trained staff = less stress = happy work environment!"

Carol Lewis-Owen, Finance and HR Manager - Bay Veterinary Group Ltd


"We recently had Provet AHPS come to our clinic to train staff with their VisionVPM program.  The trainer spent one and a half days in our clinic with a wide range of staff.  Each session was tailored to our specific needs.  This training has been invaluable to our business."

Todd Skudder - Dargaville Veterinary Centre Ltd


"After having used the VisionVPM system for 5 years, we had two days of onsite training at our practice with Brad Palmer.  We had expected to gain from the training but were unprepared for just how much he improved our use of the system.  He audited our use of VisionVPM and showed us many shortcuts, tips and tricks to decrease the amount of time taken to perform various tasks.  He assessed our use of the add-on features and demonstrated how we could leverage those features still further.  

I thoroughly recommend a practice visit as a training tool.  No matter how well you think you use the system, I'm sure Brad will improve it markedly."

Deborah Monks - Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service


"We have been clients of Provet AHPS for some years now and are still getting surprised with updates and things to learn.

I feel the team at Provet AHPS have the expertise and approachability to help anybody at any level.

I recently was lucky enough for my company to pay for a Provet AHPS team member to spend a day with me for some one on one training.  I found this invaluable as I was able to customise the learning to what was relevant to me.  I do understand the system, but am guilty, as I think many are, of not running it to its full capability.  I have now implemented what I learnt; mainly connected with the payroll and general ledger but did pick up other tips on the way.

After my training I felt motivated and enlightened and look forward to future sessions - as I said there is always a tip to learn or a reminder to be had."

Raewyn - Pukekohe Waiuku Veterinary Centre


“One of the most outstanding parts of Vision for us was the excellent training and support, not just during the initial setup but later down the track when we were up and running. We had a number of on-site training days which allowed us to sort out issues in-clinic and streamline daily, weekly and monthly processes. We found the team could only digest so much training at a time and having Brad in clinic was an invaluable resource.

These visits were essential to our success and built great repour with the vision team. Our business has continued to grow with the help of vision and the development of the system, which is extremely efficient.  We now use Tyro, SMS, email reminder systems, lab downloader and a number of business reports on a daily basis. Having two hospitals linked on the one system helps keep my finger on the pulse by allowing me to manage both clinics at the same time.”

Vicky Ireland - Noahs Ark Vet Clinic